Monday, January 24, 2011

BOOO on Bloggy Moment

So about a week ago I realized that my blog posts weren't showing up on my facebook page... And I scratched my head and figured there was a problem with Networked Blogs.... but to my dismay it was operator era. When I set up my posts for the week I realized that I accidentally was hitting save and not publish now... I know BOO on me. So we don't get overloaded with the past months posts I will slowly upload each... So over the next couple of days there will be lots of posts, some reviews, and some more pictures from my 365/52 project. Thanks for all my followers and i continue to look forward to an awesome 2011. I also have so great new projects coming your way. YAY......

Valentines day is right around the corner what are you doing for the teachers? students? Children? Spouse? boyfriend? I would love to hear all your idea... I will post some of the ideas and crafts that we have been working on.



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