Friday, April 17, 2009

Going Green

Giveaways .... here we go again

I was looking for things that were green since April is Go Green Month... Hmmmm where to start. Well I found more sites that I was interested in that seem to go Natural and enviro friendly and not necessarily green... but we will post some Green things that are on my hit list this month so check them out and let me know what you think.

They are featuring piggy paint and for all of you out there that have a sweet princes in your life you know that as mommies we want to protect our children as much as possible so this is the perfect start. C has so many medical problems that I find myself putting her in a bubble a little more than I ever did B when he was her age. When I found piggy Paint I was hooked, they are so much fun and since my little Diva has to have her hands and feet painted this is my favorite way to do it... Check them out


Is featuring a great giveaway this month, they are giving away an Ergobaby carrier for those of you who are not familiar with baby wearing link above for more information about Ergobaby carriers. I love wearing C, with her it was so easy she likes to be loved on so she makes it so nice and sometimes it nice just to have her close epically when we are in busy places. This is carrier is made from Organic Black with a super cute embroidery pattern. Check out Feisty Frugal & Fabulous for more information on the giveaway. Hurry offer ends April 26th, 2009

Okay back to the Green Theme .... MY FAVORITE HITS

Top Row

OhNoUDidntDesigns. ficklefaerie

2nd Row:

Well Hope everyone has an earth friendly month

New Giveaway

One of my Favorite blogs The Farm Chicks is hosting a great giveaway this month. Just in time for spring, they are giving away 2 yards of your choice from Pixie Dust Decor. Check out there website to see all of there adorable fabrics, one of my favorites is chateau charlotte. I cant wait to make C and outfit out of this adorable fabric... Hmmm my creative juices are flowing.

TO enter the giveaway check out the Farm chicks blog and enter by April 19th to get your chance to win 2 yards of your choice of Pixie Dust Fabrics
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Monday, April 13, 2009


Where has the time gone, I have been in creation and sewing mode and its April where has the last month gone already. It seems like I put the site back in full swing to have to revamp it again. I just can’t believe the craziness that I have had. I am so glad that I am back into the sewing swing because man ole man was my machine lonely. I am currently on the look for yet another machine, I currently have 2 sewing machines, 2 embroidery machines, and a serger but I think i need to add another serger to my little family of machines.
DH just built me a new wall so that the den / sewing haven is now completely blocked off and is my own sanctuary. It’s nice to get into my sewing zone and not have to worry about everything else, the kids have a play area in the room so they are able to be close by and with direct access my customers can now go right into the room without having to go thru my whole house which is nice.
I have crossed the path of no return and went from sewing strictly for children to sewing for everyone. I just can’t believe the stuff that I have been creating, I have been doing so many embroidery designs on the side that the creative bean in me is ready to burst. I am hoping to get some new clothes out this week, and post some new creations and pictures i what i have been working on. well till then Happy Monday and hope everyone has a great week

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


So how was everyone’s Easter, the kids had a blast we started the day going to church then off to my parents house for the annual Easter egg hunt. I wasn’t sure how C would do because this was her first official year but she was such a little diva. She thought her basket was a purse and carried it as so she looked only for the eggs she thought she would like and left the others. Her brother didn’t have any trouble scooping those ones up thought. B loved Easter he is getting so much bigger that he seems to be into it more. Spring break has been hectic and the sewing machines haven’t gotten much use the last week, between keeping the two kids occupied and many trips to the children’s hospital for C I just haven’t had the time to get into my sewing Zone, but this week is back to normal so we will see what creative bug bites me this week.
I have able to embark on my other passion photography and decided to save a little money this year especially with the economic struggles hitting so close to home. I loved how they turned out I am now doing in studio shots of the kids and have learned how to use a chroma-key screen and loved how they turned out. I have posted a couple of my favorites. I am sad that I didn’t have the time between my surgery and C's medical stuff to make her Easter outfit this year but still loved the one that we got for her. I hope everyone had a great Easter and here’s to getting bit soon by the creativity

bud and caleigh 09 easter
Bubbas hugsHugs n kisses

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The world of blogs

Well here we go.... Back in business its been a long year waiting, but CFC is finally back up and running. We still have the sight under construction as we are making much needed improvements, but I am excited to be able to take the time and energy and put it back into sewing and crafts. Little Caleigh is doing allot better so life is calm for now. We hope that she will continue to improve as we know with a child with special needs NORMAL is almost impossible but we have come to realize GOD has a bigger place in this world for my sweet princess and she has not fulfilled that journey of life yet that he has mapped out for her. I look into her sweet blue eyes and can't believe all that she has been thru she still smiles and is such a happy girl. CFC has been my retreat thru the many months of doctors visits and I am glad to be able to continue to do what I love. My creative lion has been caged way to long and we are excited to be able to unleash it again. I look forward to this new year. The growth CFC will make, I will make as a person and my family will make together. Being a mom is the best job in the world but to be able to share my love for sewing and crafts with others is almost as fulfilling. I seem to find refuge in my mountains of fabric and thread when DH is at the fire house or when I just need a break from reality something about turning on my machine and whipping something up makes me feel accomplished for the day. Does anyone else feel that way. My DH thinks I am nuts sometimes but is realizing that it calms my nerves and its my say cup of coffee for the day. LOL although nothing will replace my Starbucks. Well hope you all enjoy what we have to bring to the table and I cant wait to post what new things I have been working on these last 6 months.

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