Sunday, April 12, 2009


So how was everyone’s Easter, the kids had a blast we started the day going to church then off to my parents house for the annual Easter egg hunt. I wasn’t sure how C would do because this was her first official year but she was such a little diva. She thought her basket was a purse and carried it as so she looked only for the eggs she thought she would like and left the others. Her brother didn’t have any trouble scooping those ones up thought. B loved Easter he is getting so much bigger that he seems to be into it more. Spring break has been hectic and the sewing machines haven’t gotten much use the last week, between keeping the two kids occupied and many trips to the children’s hospital for C I just haven’t had the time to get into my sewing Zone, but this week is back to normal so we will see what creative bug bites me this week.
I have able to embark on my other passion photography and decided to save a little money this year especially with the economic struggles hitting so close to home. I loved how they turned out I am now doing in studio shots of the kids and have learned how to use a chroma-key screen and loved how they turned out. I have posted a couple of my favorites. I am sad that I didn’t have the time between my surgery and C's medical stuff to make her Easter outfit this year but still loved the one that we got for her. I hope everyone had a great Easter and here’s to getting bit soon by the creativity

bud and caleigh 09 easter
Bubbas hugsHugs n kisses

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