Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year... New Blogging Resolutions

WOW!!! another year already; cant believe that 2012 just flew by... some of the amazing things that I know will be coming to the blog in the coming days, weeks, months....
Lots of crafting, since B and C are in school all day and I'm working outside the home, crafting seems to be coming and going these days but that is going to change in 2013...
I'm not sure about my many followers but sewing, crafting, embroidery... Its my zen place a way for me to unwind, and at the end of what ever project the kids and I are coming up with seems to be warming to my heart because... DUH!!!! Handmade is sew much better.
So some of the blogs that SHSC will be following this year for some inspiration, great blogging relationships and a way to talk to other ladies that just love to craft.
SHSC looks forward to blogging with you again this year, So here is to an amazing crafting year, full of food, fabric, thread, glue and family fun.
Stay tuned because we will be stitching by many more of our blogging friends than this, Happy New Year .


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