Sunday, April 10, 2011


Some people don't know that April is infertility awareness month, and why do you ask that I chose this to be my post tonight, well I figure that since I feel truly blessed to be a mommy many people don't know that I suffer from infertility, PCOS and history of endometriosis, I had less than a 5% chance to have children naturally and thanks to wonderful break through's in medical science and infertility treatments I was able to get pregnant with my little munchkins. I know allot of friends who were not as lucky as me. One of my friends tried for years and then out of the blue she had a beautiful little girl years later... God is great sometimes when we least expect it we are blessed with little miracles in the form of meeting people, having prayers answered and sometimes being blessed to be a mommy.

My first little miracle B was born on May 26, 2005 it hasn't always been easy for him as he tried making his way earlier than he was supposed to but was able to hang out in the oven til 37.5 weeks. He was such an easy going baby from day one pretty much slept through the night I know I was super blessed, and he was such a ladies man. He had the biggest smile and I loved his deep laughter, when he was 15 months old we had the worst scare ever as he got really sick and was hospitalized in the fall of 2006.
 Before being admitted

my beautiful family fall 2006

Uncle Aaron with Brayden
But after some tests we found out he just had severe gastritis had to watch what he ate and he was back to his bubbly little self in no time. 
Look at that smile... He is so adorable.

In 2007 we found out that the fertility treatments we had started again once again blessed our family and we were pregnant again, unfortunately 8 weeks in we had a horrible scare and i began to bleed, I found out that I actually had miscarried C's twin but our little fighter survived and was holding Strong.

 I was put on bed rest my whole pregnancy as I was high risk for my last, As much as being on my back sucked it was so worth it.... I had the love of my little man and my husband and families support to welcome Baby C into this world on November 21, 2007 she was 3.5 weeks early

Our little Miracle

 Brotherly Love
Look at those smiles
 This is one of my favorite pictures they are so happy

I have to say that being a mom is the most rewarding job I have ever had in my whole life, I have been through so many ups and down more so than I had ever imagined C has been through so much in the past 3 years, but I wouldn't change any part of being there mommy.

her first hospitalization and surgery 5 months old

 Caleigh 14 months old
 Girls can be fire fighters too
                                                                         My little fireman

My Little Hero

So as we reflect through the years of all that our kids have over come, taught us and blessed us, Cherish each memory, moment and experience because not all woman are blessed to be able to hold there own bundles of joys.

I thank God every day for choosing me to be B and C's Mommy even though it hasn't always been easy he has a purpose in life for all of us and mine was to be there mommy, there advocate, there protector. God bless and I hope everyone says a prayer and takes a moment to reflect in there favorite mommy moments.

I cant believe that Ive been a mommy for 5 years but they are the joy of my life and I look forward to seeing what the next 20+ years has in store. I hope all of you have a great evening. 



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