Monday, September 3, 2012

SEPTEMBER!!! where did the summer go

WOW! Can we believe that its September! Where did the summer go! I feel like school just got out and the kids and I would have the whole summer to soak up the sun, beach, sand, lazy days and late nights. Well tomorrow starts a new school year. I miss the days of my little man, He is growing up before my eyes into such a smart little dude, Sometimes I have to pinch myself, hard to believe I created such an amazing boy.... (or as brayden would put, he is a BIG MAN now because he is 7)lol
Felt like yesterday....
Graduating from Pre-K and getting ready to head to kindergarten Hard to believe that's been almost   2 1/2  years ago.
Caliegh starts Pre-K this year, our last hurrah before Kindergarten, She has been such an amazing little person, I have learned Strength and determination can make you defeat any obstacle that lies before you. She has had to Fight her whole life, but it has made her into the amazing person she is.

My Angel Hard to believe she was almost 1 in this picture...
My big girl getting ready to start her new journey of Big Girl School at 2.5 yrs old, She might have looked small but she had a big bite, My little Red takes No Crap From anyone.... (defiantly following in her namesakes foot steps... Her Cole never took any ones crap either, LOL)

Brayden First day of Kindergarten and Caleighs first day of Preschool, Seems like yesterday!

First Grade and 2nd year of Preschool... Amazing How much C grew that first year of school, her brother better watch out because she might pass him in height.

One proud mommy and her to babies..... Cough!! (NOT BABIES ANYMORE)
Here's My Stud! Cant believe he is 7 and starting 2nd grade.... I guess time flies when your having fun, It seems like the days and nights get shorter and years fly by when you have children because lord knows I love the people they are turning into and I'm very proud to be there mommy, but I wish they wouldn't grow up so fast.

Ms DIVA!!! she loves her purple cant you tell.... LOL I love my little Red Headed Fire Cracker, She has beat everything that doctors always said she wouldn't and is a daily inspiration of what determination will get you in life.
I'm one proud mommy, although if I could stop the clock for a few days, just to get a few more summer excursions in I would, But looking forward to a JAM PACKED, CRAZY SCHEDULE, SOCCER FILLED, BOY SCOUT, AWANA ADVENTURE, FUN FILLED TIME!
Welcome September!!! although you crept up on us way to fast, I'm looking forward to an amazing New School Year, Full of changes, Personal Growth, and new opportunities that await us.



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