Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Embroidery Samples

So recently I have been doing allot of embroidery, OHHHH how I love my machine, I have to say by far my favorite thing to embroider would be in the hoop designs or maybe I like applique, I'm not sure what my favorite is. I also have dabbled in some digitizing for our family owned landscape company and some other clients, I have added some examples below to share. I hope you all enjoy.

Digitized CFC for Green Cow 
 The cutest in the hoop design from Pickle Pie Designs

This birthday Badge is also from Pickle Pie designs, birthday dress i made for her 2nd bday
 and this picture is just a cute one that I couldnt choose. LOL
 This is an Applique design that I had and added the writing I loved how it came out
 For my big mans 5th birthday we had a cars theme
 This was the beginning stages of a bag that I made last year for the teachers end of year gift
 For my Good friend Megan, Because Every little Coast Guard Baby needs a cute burp cloth
 Baby Christopher's Poo Poo bag Holder and matching Burpie
 This is the cutest in the hoop design from Embroidery Garden. I just love how it turned out

Hope you all enjoy my sneak peek there is more to see but I figured I would be here all day.... Happy Wednesday everyone


Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I have been getting my craft on Now that the studio is back to its original crafty state and I would love to give you a sneak peak on what up and coming on SHSC.

 I was given the opportunity last year to receive a CRICUT EXPRESSION and shared with you some adorable frames that I made using a few cartridges that I had laying around, but I have had the wonderful opportunity to receive a copy of Sure Cuts A lot 2

I can not wait to show you some of the amazing things that I have been working on while reviewing this fantastic software. I also have a review coming for for they have the most amazing SVG files for your Cricut personal cutter. I am having an amazing time learning how to make the most adorable Valentines Day Items, and cant wait to share them with everyone.

I am also working on some amazing sewing projects from Lila Tueller Designs, I have to say that I feel in love with her patterns from the beginning and have been so blessed to have received a few of her patterns for review and although sickness has seem to be passing through our household I'm working on wrapping up 2 bags and then some adorable skirts for me... I cant wait to show them off to everyone.

So I hope everyone is having a great 2011 crafting year and here is to some awesome crafts, sewing projects, and many other things to come. Happy Stitching everyone.


The Organization BEGINS.... and ENDS.... The Studio

So a couple of weeks ago I posted that I was doing organizing with a Bowl full of Lemons, well I didn't know that my poor little bloggity blog wasn't posting my wonderful organization links, so I figure that I would start Feb off with a clean slate. So with the help of my wonderful husband I was able to organize my studio... WOW it was defiantly and overwhelming feeling but thank goodness for awesome help because man I don't know what I would have done without his help.

 Here is one angle
 As you can see OMG What a mess

 With this craziness no wonder I haven't been able to get anything done... Christmas and purging somehow the craft room became the collect all.
 The starting of the cleaning process, the new shelves.... OOOO cant wait to use those
And so it begins... WOW I have allot of stuff.

Hear is a sneak peak of the middle of the purge, Starting to look a little presentable

Already looks a hundred times better

 Wear the creativity begins .... just need to do a little bit more of organization here.

 Well its done.... I still have a few totes and some more fabric to wrap but I'm in Love....
 Scrapbook station at the end, My shelves with the fabric wrapped the top has all the thread... Still have a few pieces to make but getting there. At least I can get the creative juices flowing again.
 The fish tank, and the dogs checking out what is going on... Not that they ever come into the work area but heck they were being good. LOL
The window area and play area for the kiddos, and the dress form with my white muslin back drop for pictures. I'm in love with how it all came together. I have to say a huge thank you to the man behind the woman because without my hubster I don't think this would have ever gotten done. I love how it all turned out, and without my right hand man I would still be organizing the studio so thank you babe. Now I'm excited to show what i have been working on these last few days.


CSN Stores Review

So I finally received it.... My  long awaited Le Creuset Stoneware, shortly after Christmas I was given the opportunity from CSN Stores to review a product of my choice. This was such a hard decision as Christmas had just past but I have to say I have always loved Cooking and Le Creuset Stoneware is amazing. If you haven't ever cooked with Stoneware you have no idea what you are missing. The even baking style and the nonstick surface makes anything that you bake come out completely amazing. I had a $75 credit to use as I saw fit as much as I would have loved the complete kitchen set I decided on adding some new stoneware to my collection of Red cookware.

The rectangle baker and 5 x 7 pan is amazing, the tart pan makes it nice for those wonderful sweets or breads that you have been putting off, the 9x9 baker is wonderful for those brownies or maybe a small cobbler.

I think I'm in love, I was able to make some potatoes with my Little Bug in the microwave, (not my first choice to cook something) but heck when little momma wants to cook its the safest way.

Then the stuffed chicken rocked out the oven and BAM

We had an awesome home cooked mean in less than 20 minutes. Caleigh had a blast helping mommy cook and my Le Creuset stoneware is amazing. I might just have to whip up some brownies soon so I have an excuse to use it... I'm in love with my new cookware. If you have a moment head on over to CSN Stores and pick up a few pieces for your own collection, Happy Baking.



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