Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the OLD and in WITH the NEW

Can you believe that the year is ending and once again its time for the reflection on what 2011 brought to our family. As we embarked on the new journey of 2011 with open arms the year brought us great joys, new adventures, many heart breaks, heart aches, moments to last a life time, sorrows. It was a year of painful Goodbyes, but loving Hello's, we were blessed to have new friendships made and new loves to enter into our lives. I feel like although 2011 was a rough year it taught us once again that God knows best before we know ourselves. Everyday is an adventure and it is our job to embrace it our to be bitter and angry at what life is throwing at us. If Life was supposed to be easy there would be a manual somewhere to breeze right through. "I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES"  I believe that in HIM all things are possible, allowing your WHOLE heart to be wrapped in his arms completely no matter what curve balls life brings you, you can pick the pieces up and move on. I have to say reflecting on the past few months has been a hard one to stomach, there has been a lot of heart ache, but buried deep in all the hurt was so MANY Wonderful Happy times and Memories that Brad the kids and I will cherish forever. We are blessed to have AMAZING Friends that we consider family (you know who you are), Great Family that helps guide us in the direction to take the right road that God has paved for us. And we have our FAITH that gets us through the worst of times. I'm a MOTHER, WIFE, FRIEND, DAUGHTER, and a SISTER.... I'M A BELIEVER of All things come to those who wait, our day is approaching for a brighter tomorrow, and we hope and pray that all the happiness and love in the world showers all of our friends and family in 2012. As we wash away all the past of 2011, the heart ache, goodbyes, and replace it with the memories of what is to come... those bittersweet moments we seem to forget about , try to embrace the little things in life because at the end of the day that is what is most precious.

So To start the year off right.... We close this chapter in our life 2011 we bid you a found farewell, thank you for the GREAT memories, the laughs, the adventures, the friendships, the love, and the Strength that you taught us all we had. To 2012 I toast to you I hope this is our year of Greatness, Our children will shine, this will be our year of answers, our year of Overcoming all the obstacles that might lie ahead, and WE WILL DO IT WALKING HAND IN HAND ONE STITCH AT A TIME.  

Wishing all of my loved ones a Safe and Happy NEW YEARS EVE! Tomorrow Brings New Resolutions, NEW BEGINNINGS and NEW Adventures. I hope you take this journey with me... ONE STITCH AT A TIME.


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