Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
from our family to ours I hope you had an amazing Christmas pics coming tonight... Hubby got me a new laptop and the Windows 8 is well... umm...kicking my butt... Cant wait to show off some of my new goodies, and the new wall I got for my crafty space. I hope you have had an amazing an joyous time with all your family and friends.

Until we Stitch again....

Monday, September 3, 2012

SEPTEMBER!!! where did the summer go

WOW! Can we believe that its September! Where did the summer go! I feel like school just got out and the kids and I would have the whole summer to soak up the sun, beach, sand, lazy days and late nights. Well tomorrow starts a new school year. I miss the days of my little man, He is growing up before my eyes into such a smart little dude, Sometimes I have to pinch myself, hard to believe I created such an amazing boy.... (or as brayden would put, he is a BIG MAN now because he is 7)lol
Felt like yesterday....
Graduating from Pre-K and getting ready to head to kindergarten Hard to believe that's been almost   2 1/2  years ago.
Caliegh starts Pre-K this year, our last hurrah before Kindergarten, She has been such an amazing little person, I have learned Strength and determination can make you defeat any obstacle that lies before you. She has had to Fight her whole life, but it has made her into the amazing person she is.

My Angel Hard to believe she was almost 1 in this picture...
My big girl getting ready to start her new journey of Big Girl School at 2.5 yrs old, She might have looked small but she had a big bite, My little Red takes No Crap From anyone.... (defiantly following in her namesakes foot steps... Her Cole never took any ones crap either, LOL)

Brayden First day of Kindergarten and Caleighs first day of Preschool, Seems like yesterday!

First Grade and 2nd year of Preschool... Amazing How much C grew that first year of school, her brother better watch out because she might pass him in height.

One proud mommy and her to babies..... Cough!! (NOT BABIES ANYMORE)
Here's My Stud! Cant believe he is 7 and starting 2nd grade.... I guess time flies when your having fun, It seems like the days and nights get shorter and years fly by when you have children because lord knows I love the people they are turning into and I'm very proud to be there mommy, but I wish they wouldn't grow up so fast.

Ms DIVA!!! she loves her purple cant you tell.... LOL I love my little Red Headed Fire Cracker, She has beat everything that doctors always said she wouldn't and is a daily inspiration of what determination will get you in life.
I'm one proud mommy, although if I could stop the clock for a few days, just to get a few more summer excursions in I would, But looking forward to a JAM PACKED, CRAZY SCHEDULE, SOCCER FILLED, BOY SCOUT, AWANA ADVENTURE, FUN FILLED TIME!
Welcome September!!! although you crept up on us way to fast, I'm looking forward to an amazing New School Year, Full of changes, Personal Growth, and new opportunities that await us.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time Fun..... Link Up

Sew I have been away for sew long, Where did the past few months go I just blinked or was that a nap, I'm not sure but sure seems like I just wrote that post about the Indulgence and here it is JUNE !!!! What.... I guess my watch must be broken or I guess my little Time machine *You know that one all of us Crafters dream about* that little portal that stops time so we can catch a few ZZZZZ's and craft while everyone else is sleeping and then, we hit the special HOLD TIME BUTTON (GOSH!!!! Wouldn't that be wonderful) then as crafters,embroiders, sewers, knitters, you get the HINT could get to bed at say 3:00 in the morning and still get a full 8 hours of sleep between 3:00 and say 6:30 when our children awaken us for breakfast.... Because if no one told you yet SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!! I know I'm having a wonderful time with my children being home but Guilty that I couldn't finish just a few more projects for them before the school year ended....

AM I THE ONLY ONE????? Please tell me that Other crafty  mommies are having the same problem, I love summer because it means, water balloon fights, outdoor fun, Water Country with the kids, Busch Gardens as a family, and just all out enjoyment of each others company, but I also like to throw a sewing project *NEVER SMALL SCALE EITHER**** because my brain just doesn't know how to think that way so.... I have been searching the blogosphere for some fun KID Friendly Projects that we could do this summer, between the craziness I call life I like to throw in a curve ball or 2, so my goal is to slip in a trip or 2 a week to Water Country or Busch while also throwing in crafty projects (I want the kids to be able to enjoy their summer break) but I want it to be educational, last summer we focused on reading for B and this past school year he blew it out of the water so this year I think Science and Math are going to be our focus since those are his favorite areas, ART I think is his most favorite and since Physics and Statistics requires logically thinking we are going to incorporate them into our summer schedule So here's the Bauer Summer Plan..... Whats your favorite part of Summer? How do you spend it as a family? What fun Crafty Projects do you like to do? I hope you follow me and CSI Project and come on over to join the summer Linky Challenge.
I have a list of things I want to try and make with the kids

Homemade Granola
Side walk Chalk
Fence Fun Art
Outdoor obstacle Course
Cooking fun Cookbook (kid Friendly cooking)
And there are so many other crafty goodness things running through my brain so stay tuned.

Happy Crafting......

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All I have to say is "INDULGENCE"

Sew WOW is it really March already I feel like I slept through February, Allot has changed around here, Not sure the ground hog was right because it has been feeling like spring here in Virginia.
Has anyone been to the grocery store lately and saw the new Cream Cheese. A little Secret I love so cream cheese and chocolate well I think I get that from my dad and grandad they love to get the midnight munchies and chocolate always does the trick So any who have you seen.

Sew being the frugal mommy I try to be hubby and I had a coupon he thought I was nuts but the choices and heck it was double coupon day so I had to Indulge myself and see what all the fuss was about. There are 3 favors well how is a woman to choose.

I love Dark Chocolate, but I was thinking of using some Nilla Wafers so turned to the White Chocolate but finally decided on the Milk Chocolate... All I have to say ladies its the best snack ever.

I mean look at the creamy goodness there is 110 calories per serving which is about 2 tablespoons which is allot of cream cheese there is only 7g of fat I'm in heaven it beats buying a Kit Kat bar or something not as good or healthy.

The dark chocolate on strawberries is just like chocolate dipped without the rude inches that hit your waist line. I have to say that no day is compete with out pairing it with a great cup of coffee so this is my new dirty little secret snack that wont hurt the bikini waist line.... (bwahahaha sorry I had to pick my self off the floor after laughing so hard out a bikini waist line like that would ever happen)

Sew whats your favorite afternoon snack that makes you feel guilty but really isn't all that bad? 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentines on the Brain

Can you believe that Valentines Day is right around the corner.....

On my hunt.... for some of the cutest crafts to make for Teacher gifts and for the family for Valentines Day I came across some of the cutest stuff so I thought why not write a quick bloggy post about them...

How adorable are these backpacks for the chairs of students. I have to say this might be on the top of one of my sewing list... Like it isn't already long enough

I know that I want to make a gum Ball machine out of pots....
But that picture is coming....

How cute is this
These jars are simply adorable I love how they look and this is something you could use all year long... Very Kid friendly

Sew what to make for Valentines day that it Mommy and kiddo friendly. hOWL Cute are these....

I'm in love with Owls and just know that these might get made.I'm working on some boy rice bags for my little man he is always suffering from growing pains, but how cute.... are these.

Well I hope you all got some adorable ideas...Thanks for pulling up a seat and stitching a few... til next time.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Traditions to start....

Okay so a new year... new pictures to start the year off... I have been playing with my memories software... I didnt realize how many memories... and pitcutres we have from this past Christmas
Bug is getting so big starting to come into her one...
Brayden is still our little Comedian. always the center of attention... He always knows how to make you smile.

Like every year since B was born we have had brunch with Santa, this year was no exception. The kids love seeing Mr. and Mrs. Claus defiantly a great tradition.

My Sister flew home and we met her New boyfriend Scott... Was such a blessing to see her so happy My mom finally got all of us together to get her family portrait... hard to believe its been 9 years
Caleigh feel in love with HER Scott... She wouldn't leave his side, since he has left when she sees his picture she talks about her Uncle Scott... She was a little disappointed when he wasn't under the tree.... LOL guess there will be a trip to Germany in our future.

The Kids pictures turned out so cute and it was nice to finally get a family picture since I have lost all my weight.
It was nice to have all of my Siblings home this year with our better halves... The kids had such an amazing visit cant wait til we see everyone again.

This year we lost a great Woman in our life shortly before Christmas she always wanted the FAMILY together to share the memories of the day with each other. This is the first time I think in at least 6 years that we have all been together on Christmas day so we made sure we got the Group Photo. Mamma Bett was defiantly smiling down on us that day.

Hubby with his cousins and sister.  

 The only person missing was ONE OF A KIND... We love you and miss you daily GG Bett.

I hope every ones holiday was as amazing as ours. Here's to an amazing 2012 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Get your... SEW on... or is it a Giveaway

So as promised I thought I would start the year off right with a Giveaway and some pictures of the latest projects that I did in December... WOW can you believe 2012 has already started and I haven't even begun to start Scrapbooking or thought about catching up on the projects that I haven't even finished yet. I think that I am defiantly starting on getting my PhD in Embroidery......
Or maybe that's the PhD in Sewing...
I'm not sure I just know there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. I have so may fun designs, projects, craftiness to do that I just cant seem to get it all done. Don't you just hate when that happens.
So GIVEAWAY I think that was in the title of this post... Now I cant start the year off without giving my awesome followers something FUN and exciting. Now Sewing by far is my passion but I love anything crafty. I have to say when Liz contacted me from My Memories I was very excited to review there product.
A little history on what My Memories is, It is a digital scrapbooking program, that is extremely user friendly. Not only can you digital scrapbook but you can download the finished pages as back drops to your computer, Create gifts for family members, order completed albums. The sky is the limit with this software and you don't have to know how to digital scrapbook because the software is very easy to use,there are so many templates that you can just plug your pictures into and you have an instant album. I used the software for the first time right before Christmas and made this adorable page of our family.
This was so easy and fun to create I hope that you enjoy the software as much as I do.

Mandatory Entry: In order to enter the giveaway go to and choose your favorite digital paper pack or layout, then comment below telling me which one is your favorite
This giveaway is offered to US & Canadian residents only. Please make sure you include your email address if you are not already a friend via google friend. This will make it easier to contact you if you are the winner.

NOTE: If you skip the mandatory entry, none of your entries will count for the giveaway.

Extra Entries (please leave separate comment for each entry)* Follow Me (or tell me you already do) (1 entry)
* Like easy My Memories On Facebook. (3 entries)
* Follow Me Twitter and Tweet This....(2 entries)
* Blog About This Amazing Giveaway (4 entries)

Giveaway closes January 14th@ 11:00 pm (EST) Winner will be picked January 15th by and notified by email, a post will follow. Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email otherwise a new winner will be picked.
Disclaimer: I was contacted via email by a and received the above mentioned product to review. Any and all opinions are mine and are unbiased
To the Sewing Part I like to make my own gifts for Christmas and hear are a few examples of what I made with the easy template collages from My Memories.
I made this adorable pillow or my MIL who recently lost her own mother before Christmas. It was hard for us to celebrate this year with out having Mamma Bett with us, and the kids truly missed having their GG Bett. We made this pillow with my children and My Niece's hand prints. I embroidered the saying....

A New bag pattern I made one of my Best Friends I had made one prior to this but since she is now addicted to cloth she needed something a little bigger to carry all of that fluff in. She loved it, I have to say this is my new favorite bag.

This is the gifts that I made my nieces, they are really into skulls and cross bones right now so what more to do than for me to make them their own purses. They turned out so adorable.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

~~WELCOME 2012~~

WOW!!! Another year already Where did the last 365 days go, just feels like yesterday I was blogging about ringing in the memories of 2011, I believe that MIRACLES do happen to those who believe in them, If I have learned anything in the past 31 years its that Life is a big lesson everything that you embark on whatever path you take at the end of the day its a learning experience and what you take from that journey will either make you stronger or not. I have learned that I'm stronger than I EVER thought a person could be, but through this journey of finding my strength I was surrounded by others that Had greater strength than I did to help lead me to the right direction. I hope that I continue to guide my children in the direction that leads them to great happiness and I know that they will continue to have BIG Hearts and continue to reach out to those less fortunate than them. MY CHALLENGE TO YOU IS TO PAY IT FORWARD to someone new this year, someone that might need a pick me up, a hug, a plate of food, maybe a new jacket, someone close in your life is calling out for help but to PROUD to truly ask for it. I know that GOD has surrounded me by angels on this earth and without you LADIES in my life I would have a really hard time getting through the day, you always know how to make me smile when I mad is heck, or when I'm down you have a way of lifting me up. You always seem to know what I need before I do and for that Friendship and Love and understanding I'm excited to see what 2012 has in store for me.

For my family, MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND, I hope he gets a chance to relax a  little enjoy his accomplishments, take a moment to enjoy those little things in life that take our breathe away, and to know how truly blessed I am to have him in my life. I love you hunny and I hope this is our Year to SHINE! To my PARENTS I hope this is a year of GREAT NEW BEGINNINGS, a year to accomplish your dreams, reach for the stars and know that your goal is within your reach, TO my DAD I hope you find peace and Joy in what roads lie ahead, I hope you have a moment to relax and reflect on life's journeys the stepping stones you paved for your children, and the foundations that you have set forth in each of our lives to make us the adults we are today, To my MOM I hope you are able to relax, enjoy the years memories, triumphs, and embrace those times that you aren't looking forward to because TIME will speed by and we know that together we can conquer the world. To my SISTER I know 2012 is going to be your year, A year of MEMORIES, great LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and I know that your blessings are just starting, I look forward to enjoying your life's new adventure with you. To my BABY BROTHER, I know this year is already going to be your year, you graduate from college what an amazing accomplishment, you begin to start your life and take the journey that God has paved for you. remember to embrace life's little moments, take the time to stop and smell a few roses, and enjoy all that life has to offer, because it is yours to make of it what you want.

So every year I challenge myself last year I had a long list of goals and I did complete some of them, but this year I have added to those goals so I look forward to Blogging through the year, I miss my readers, I miss being able to channel all of the strength, hope, love that you all give to me and my family on a daily basis, and I miss blogging about my creative thinking. I have so many new projects on the horizon and I'm working on a blog to get the year started off right. I look forward to your feedback, and the love that you all have given me the past 3 years.



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