Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Well here we go.... Back in business its been a long year waiting, but CFC is finally back up and running. We still have the sight under construction as we are making much needed improvements, but I am excited to be able to take the time and energy and put it back into sewing and crafts. Little Caleigh is doing allot better so life is calm for now. We hope that she will continue to improve as we know with a child with special needs NORMAL is almost impossible but we have come to realize GOD has a bigger place in this world for my sweet princess and she has not fulfilled that journey of life yet that he has mapped out for her. I look into her sweet blue eyes and can't believe all that she has been thru she still smiles and is such a happy girl. CFC has been my retreat thru the many months of doctors visits and I am glad to be able to continue to do what I love. My creative lion has been caged way to long and we are excited to be able to unleash it again. I look forward to this new year. The growth CFC will make, I will make as a person and my family will make together. Being a mom is the best job in the world but to be able to share my love for sewing and crafts with others is almost as fulfilling. I seem to find refuge in my mountains of fabric and thread when DH is at the fire house or when I just need a break from reality something about turning on my machine and whipping something up makes me feel accomplished for the day. Does anyone else feel that way. My DH thinks I am nuts sometimes but is realizing that it calms my nerves and its my say cup of coffee for the day. LOL although nothing will replace my Starbucks. Well hope you all enjoy what we have to bring to the table and I cant wait to post what new things I have been working on these last 6 months.

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TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

Glad to see you are back up and running! Cant wait to see your new site ;)

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