Saturday, January 1, 2011

♥ GOODBYE 2010----- BRING IT ON 2011 ♥

As we say goodbye to 2010 I find myself reflecting on all that the year brought us..... We had many sorrows, heartbreak, heart ache, struggles, set backs and frustrations. We also had joyous triumphs as a family, enjoyed trips, over came obstacles, found strength in one another, and amongst it all we found out how strong we truly are as a family. We know that 2010 was a year of struggles but it also was a year of teachings and to show us how to over come obstacles that lie ahead of our glorious path that god has paved for us, without those obstacles we wouldn't be able to reflect on the things that most people take for granted..... Each other.... family..... friends.... and surrounding yourself by the strength of others as well as finding happiness in the smallest things.

As we the Bauer's say goodbye to 2010..... we open our arms to embrace what 2011 has to bring us.... We go into the year with a Positive outlook on life and are vowing to find the positive spin on even the most negative of situations. Because in his grace.... GOD TRULY ONLY GIVES YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE.... and truly what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Brad and I have learned through life it defiantly isn't easy but with each other we can conquer the world.... It might take us longer than others but ONE DAY we will conquer it all..... Moving forward I find myself looking at my life reflecting on all that we have accomplished through out this past year and embracing what life has to offer me as a MOM, a WIFE, a SISTER, DAUGHTER and FRIEND... Bring it on 2011...... With GOD, my husband, family and friends by my side I can conquer the world.... ONE STITCH AT A TIME.



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