Friday, January 7, 2011

SHSC 365 Project or 52 Project

Sew since my kiddos have been born, I have to say that Photography has been a small hobby of mine. A couple of years ago my wonderful sister surprised me with a Nikon D60 for christmas, I have attached a picture .
I would probably have to say that it is my baby, I love having an SLR camera.... As a mom I'm always trying to capture those little moments and as many of you know that isn't always easy with a point and shoot. I have joined groups in the past 2 years but haven't really stuck to any one project, but one of my 100 things to do this year is to stick to the 365 Project/52 wk Project. I have decided that Friday will be my 365 Share day... I know that if I had to commit daily I would get overwhelmed with it and probably quit. So, I will post every Friday for the next 52 weeks a project sheet with pictures from our 365 pictures a day... WOW that's allot of pictures, but I take a 1,000 a day if you ask my hubby... he is always saying that I live behind the camera... LOL while maintaining the project I will also be trying to digitally scrapbook and catch up on the kids baby books, and scrapbook albums (another resolution). I look forward to this adventure and hope that you all follow along with us here at SHSC.

Well its week 1 of the 365 day project I started on the 1st of the January I figured why not start the first day of the year... Trying to make things a little easier... Here is to an awesome year of memories.... sharing, and blessing.



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