Sunday, January 2, 2011

♥ New Years Resolutions & SHSC To Do List ♥

So 2011 is here and I have decided to challenge myself and my readers... Make a list of 100 things that you want to accomplish this year.... There are 365 days in a year so 100 things to accomplish in one year isn't a hard task... That means there is 52 weeks a year so you have to accomplish 2 tasks a week.... Sounds simple enough.... Come on SHSC followers lets conquer 2011 and make it our year....

First thing First your list..... Here is my 2011 To Do List

1.Organize Craft Room
2. Make Sewing Table -- Knock off Wood
3. Make Sewing Shelves -- Knock off Wood
4. Organize Bedroom
5. Make Bedroom Furniture --Knock off Wood
6. Organize Kids closet
7. Make Laundry Organizer --Knock off Wood
8. Help B read 10 books on his own
9. Teach C to write her name
10. Teach C how to say her Address and Phone number
11. Make One night a week for Family Night
12. Date Night once a month with Hubby
13. Special day at least once a month for mommy and me time
14. Special day at least once a month for daddy and me time
15.  Make an outfit for a friend (just because)
16.  B's first sleep over
17.  visit a friend out of state
18.  Read the bible
19. Paint Bedroom
20. Re-do Bathroom
21. Replace flooring in Kitchen
22. Be a better crafter
23. Organize and purge Kitchen
24. Sew at least one new pattern every week that is 52 new patterns
25. Learn to make 1 new craft item a week that is 52 new craft items
26. Run an 8k
27. Go on a nature walk with my kids
28. Donate to a New Cause
29. Give Back or Volunteer with the kiddos
30. Have 365 blog posts in 2011
31. Try a challenge on another blog
32. do 1 giveaway at least once month
33. do 1 review a month
34. Write a letter to Angel Care
35. Initiate a reward program for kiddos and stick with it
36. Initiate a house rule plan with consequences stick with it
37. Budget Budget Budget
38. Go on Vacation to see Family
39.  Try to eat Gluten free
40. Go to Gym 3x a week or at least 156 times a year
41. Get involved more in B and C School
42. Volunteer 4 times this year
43. Help some one less fortunate
44. Be more involved in Church
45. Do TNL @ least twice a month
46. B in Choir
47. B in Gymnastics
48. Join a crafting club (online or local)
49. Make covers for for current Machine
50. Get Sponsored on blog
51. Promote Etsy Store
52. Get my Pharmacy Technician License
53. Make something for each Holiday
54. Make all gifts
55. Teach someone to sew
56. Sell at least 5 items I make
57. Learn to knit
58. Learn To Crochet
59. Design a Pattern
60. Digitize a embroidery design
61. Make a quilt
62. Make  2 outfits for B for summer
63. Make 2 outfits for C for summer
64. Organize house
65. Stock Product at consignment store
66. Plant Garden
67. Try to make more homemade food
68. Eat out only 1 a month
69. More crockpot dinners 3 x a month
70. Have a cooking day once a week with kiddos
71. Make a homework station
72. Get 500 followers on blog
73. Get 500 followers on facebook
74. Organize embroidery files
75. Work out daily at home 
76. Project 365 Take 1 picture a day
77. Have a family dinner once every couple months (whole family)
78. Get B enrolled in a sport
79. Get C involved in a sport
80. Get C in gymnastics
81. Learn to be a better photographer
82.  Teach B how to ride his bike without Training wheels
83. Scrapbook More
84. Work on B's Baby Scrapbook
85. Work on C's Scrapbook
86. Be More Thankful
87. Take a Wilton class
88. Finish the Love Dare Journal that was started last year
89. Have a lazy PJ day with the whole family
90. Make Lunch for the Hubby every day for a month
91. Make a bento lunch for the kiddos at least twice a week
92. Host a play date
93. Make homemade bagels
94. Make Homemade ice cream
95. Make my own Caramel Macchiato
96. Learn to make fudge
97. Can Preserves
98 Can Fresh fruit
99. Have a couples date night with friends
100. Start a coupon program and stick to it.

So here is my challenge to myself... I hope you commit and take the challenge with me.



Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Wow 100 things! Great list, I wouldn't know where to

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