Friday, January 14, 2011

SHSC 365 Project or 52 Project Week 2

So its week 2 of my 365/52 Project I figured this week I would post picutures of my family... They are my heart and Soul, so why not show them off.

So is anyone interested where Im getting my super cute layouts...

They have the cutest templates for digi scrapbooking, it is making this task so easy to follow. I really want to not only catch up on my scrapbooking for 2011 but also to take lots of pictures daily to capture the littlest of moments. If you have a minute stitch on over to Owl Tree Studio and see what they have to offer. I also have a few other digi scrapbook suppliers that I use, but Owl Tree Studio is amazing. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to make my templates. I hope you all enjoy our 365/52 as much as we do.
God Bless til next week.


claudia b said...

Oh I love my D60 as well! Thanks for the digi scrapbooking link, I just made the transition from regular to digi!

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