Sunday, November 14, 2010

Total Randomness ......

So as i sit here on this wonderful Sunday evening I find myself, relaxed and just plain excited about the upcoming Crazy busy week. I find myself reflecting on the past, present and future and anticipating what lies ahead..... Am I the only one that does that.... who knows.

 Caleigh Nicole
November 21,2007
6lbs 6oz 19 1/4 inches long

 Today was a pretty productive day got the house cleaned, got to spend some quality time with kiddos, hubby had to work today, so he was missed. I have been sewing up a storm trying to get those last minute Christmas projects done, I got to also spend some time with some great friends. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Holiday, WOW who would have thought Thanksgiving would be here in just a little over a week. WOW, where did 2010 go, this week I find excitement not only in sewing those Christmas projects, but getting ready for baby girls 3rd birthday.

  The past 3 years have been not only rewarding, sad, happy, overwhelming, and fun but I have learned how to be a stronger person a better mother and wife and learned how to let things go and move on and away from things that I cant change. C - has taught me how to look at the world through her eyes and find strength, love, and kindness in the smallest of things. I cant believe that 3 years ago that we were preparing for her to come into this world, I look forward to celebrating her life this week as we approach her birhtday on the 21st. We are having her party on the 20th which I cant wait to share pictures, we are going all out this year to celebrate her life, her triumphs and accomplishments. God truly broke the mold when he created my red headed princess, and I thank him everyday for blessing me to be her mom.

Another reason I'm excited this week is because I have also been asked to do another review for CSN store, now everyone in the blog world knows who CSN is. I was fortunate enough to host a review a few months back and was blessed to finally get the espresso machine that had been on my long list of WANTS, they have over 200 + stores, that sell everything from barstool, home decor, bedding, kitchen, kids toys, anything that you could ever imagine of wanting or needing CSN offers. I look forward to my upcoming review and consider an early 30th birthday gift and Christmas present. I love working with CSN Stores and cant wait to share my review with you all.



Show Me Mama said...

You have a lovely family!I am already a follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

Carmen said...

She is absolutly precious. I hope she had a good birthday. ;)

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