Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everyone needs....

Sew.... When reflecting on the past few years and everything that we have been through as a family I have truly been blessed to be able to find daily inspiration in crafting, sewing, and various other activities with my friends, family and my blogging community. I had started a list earlier this year of things that I wanted to try and accomplish and this year I have decided to participate again with  All People Quilt and make some little child happy with a vibrant fun pillow case, This year I would like to make at least 200 pillowcases and hope that my blogging friends out there can help. My donation is to 2 wonderful causes close to my heart... one is to the Local children's hospital I have spent many nights there with my daughter Caleigh she has shown me how strong I am and how many children go there daily .......and daily they are met with obstacles that aren't always there chosen path but children are resilient and I have found hope and faith that the lord has truly paved out our path and that he knows what is best for us before we ourselves know.
American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. I donated pillowcases to the challenge. Click here to learn more!

Sew if your bored or just looking for a great opportunity to give back to an amazing organization Please help me in making over 200+ pillowcases and surpass my goal. Lets give back to those in need and show them how much they are cared for.


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