Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bloggin and Summertime....

Sew just had a moment to step back from the sewing machine that has been running non stop the last few days, Time away from the kiddos and hubster, and stopped by the blog and realized its been awhile. Wow where did the time go June.... July.... Now its August . Geesh seems like I was just here chatting it up with everyone and NOW the summer is almost over. What a whirlwind it has been, summer of change, crazy schedules and WOW what fun adventures. I have a lot of pictures that I'm editing a lots of fun stories to share. I have a few projects Ive been working on which seems to have taken most of my time here lately. I had surgery couple weeks ago that I'm still slowing bouncing back from, lots of fun adventures with the kiddos and some sad ones also. Looking forward to catching up, but for now I must head back to the studio, this week will bring lots of pictures of the projects as well as lots of answers that will be shared on to what has been taking up so much of time. I look forward to talking with each one of you Later for now.

Hugs April


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