Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Im so excited, Its finally all done... So what does everyone think of my new design. Were you wondering how you could get your blog pimped out, well I have great news, Jessica over at

So Stylilized is amazing, she is a miracle worker, I told her a little about what i was looking for in the design, something that showed my personality, my love for my family, and my support to my everyday hero. I love love love how it turned out she asked questions thoughtout the whole process and i couldnt be happier how it turned out.

So a little about my new space... I almost cant stop staring at it, It not only shares my love for crafting, because we all know that Im slighty addicted to crafts, fabric.... defiantly fabric, embroidery, ummm lets see what else, cooking my family. I would have to say all and all Jessica rocked it out. She is amazing Oh and did I mention she does designs for FREE... thats right you heard me FREE... she just asks that you make a donation for her hard work and time... She is amaing so what is eveyone waiting for click on over to so stylilized and check her out... if you havent already sign up for her waiting list it is well worth the wait.


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