Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Lunch Boxes Review

Easy Lunch Boxes is an economical way to head back to school this year. As Moms we are always looking for an easy way to not only provide the healthiest options for our children, but to make our life simpler. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kelly at

I have to say when I first spoke with Kelly I wasn't sure if the easy lunch box system was going to work for our family, hubby works outside in the heat and the kiddos and I are always on the run, between school events and various other activities. I have to say when I received our package not only was I excited but my little Red was happy she thought she got a new purse in the mail. Thank you Kelly for the wonderful purple lunch box for Bug she absolutely loved it. Hubby wasn't sure at first he looked at the system as just Tupperware, but were we ever wrong. I LOVE OUR EASY LUNCH BOX SYSTEM.

I woke up normal time, we were running behind but in 10 minutes I was able to through together a alphabet themed healthy lunch for the kiddos and faux sushi style lunch for me, hubby even got in on the action and loved his healthy lunch. I loved how the system makes it so easy to not only eat healthy but the compartments are roomy enough to fit a sandwich, 2 to 3 snacks and then you can fit up to 3 of the containers in the lunch bag with ease.

I have to say that at first I was a sceptic but now I'm in love with the easy lunch box system. I love that I no longer have to fish for those unwanted plastic baggies I can just grab our containers and fill them up with lunch or a healthy snack. The lunch bag is roomy enough to fit 2 lunch box systems comfortably with other snacks a drink and a ice pack.

If you get a free moment stitch on over to and check out this wonderful lunch box system.


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