Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yard Sale Treasure

We have been in the process of doing some summer cleaning out at our house. School is getting ready to start back up here in another month and we are preparing by redoing ours sons room. I have envisioned to have a captains bed instead of this wonderful loft bed that we had.
My Husband passed by a yard sale and found this wonderful bed.... but I didn't like the color as I wanted to redo his room a little lighter and more natural.

So I decided that I wanted to redo the bed, I took the kiddos and we headed to home depot and I got the materials I needed, dug thru the shed and got the palm sander and spent the whole weekend redoing this bed....

Here is a preview of how much different the natural wood verses the original... I just loved how it came together, hubby and I finished with a natural oak stain on the pine and loved how it turned out.... but that wasn't the end of our room redo because we still had to conquer the room..

Well This is how we started our room renovation.... Scary isn't it.... But the end product turned out so cute, I'm so proud of my little man because he donated 7 bags of toys, clothes and books to goodwill.

But after all the mess of throwing stuff away and going thru the toys and reorganizing and deep cleaning the carpets, my 5 yr old was so helpful and I was so proud of how much stuff he got rid of and how much he donated to other children that might not have toys, and this was the final product.

We just loved how the new bed turned out, To top it all off it was the captains bed that we had been wanting and it only cost $ 40.00 for the bed and $35.00 in materials to refinish. This was a savings of $275.00 since we looked at the unfinished wood store and these beds start at $350.00.
I hope you enjoyed our weekend project makeover...
~Crafty MOM~


Leslie said...

What a great transformation! Way to go to your son for getting rid of his stuff and for being a big helper! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

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