Monday, August 2, 2010

Duct Tape and Tape Measure = Perfection

So Question of the day... When you see this picture what do you think of........

Do you give up yet.......
Okay... is the suspense killing you ... Duct Tape and a Tape measure actually are some of the greatest inventions ever created... and wouldn't you know that they can be used for more that what we thought. I mean who hasn't used duct tape to do a quick home repair but probably not to sew with... Yes I said sew, and why would I ever use a tape measure other than its purpose. Remember that old saying don't judge a book by its cover well that is exactly what I did... I have to say that after doing this project I will never look at things the same.
I am always on the lookout for great products, patterns, things that make my life simpler as a mom or things that are super crafty that allow me to use my imagination and creative flare. I have to say that I'm so excited to share with you these 2 patterns that I came across today.
A little about the creators over at Stitchin Sisters, it was originally crated by two friends in 2001 as an avenue to minister to women using there combined talents, it eventually became a one woman show as life happens sometimes. The idea behind stitch in sis is that they believe in giving back to others to encourage others thru your talents and helping others thru missions.
Now off to my wonderful finds today here are two of Stitching Sisters Snap Happy Patterns. They are very well written for either the beginner seamstress to the most advanced sewer. The use of Duct Tape, Tape Measure, Needle, thread and fabric come together in these wonderful patterns to make wonderful gifts or keepsakes for families to share.
These are wonderful patterns can you believe you use a tape measure for the closure.
Here is a picture of the bag I thru together today, it took me about an hour and half from start to finish. The instructions are very detailed with many illustrations, and helpful hints throughout to keep you on task.
The inside of the bag opened, it automatically shuts, just pull handles to open bag.

I hope you all enjoy these wonderful patterns as much as I have. Thank you Rosemary


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