Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Fun

WOW!!! This weekend went by so fast, I feel like I slept thru it, but had some great mom moments with the kiddos and loved every minute of it. Had my photo shoot on Saturday With Purple Owl Photography , Julie was wonderful so patient with the kiddos, I have attached a couple quick pics she posted for a sneak peak. Once editing is completed and website is updated I will be posting a review. If you live in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia I couldn't recommend her enough. She is wonderful. Cant wait to share more a little later this week. We finished out Saturday spending the day with C and B and the hubster, It was the best day ever.
My Little Man He is getting so big

My Big Girl C from Saturdays Photo shoot

Sunday we went to church enjoyed some time at the nature park and lake for a quick outdoor photo op, then met my mom went to lunch and then to the circus. Wasn't sure how C would deal with her SPD but she only was fearful of the clowns, otherwise she coped pretty well and she loved the elephants, tigers, and all the great food to eat. I added a few pictures I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Giant Snow Cones

C Giant Snow Cone C Eating the popcorn
B and C eating there snacks and MiMi showing C all the animals

The elephant being led out of rink by the dog, C loved this part

Well That was our weekend in a nut shell and now Tell me a little about what you did. Looking forward to a great week.


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