Friday, April 30, 2010

Surgery and appointments this wek

Well what a whirlwind of a week, I can not believe that Friday is already upon us, this week has been fast but very productive. My garden is tilled and we are in the process of finishing the fence so that I can get it planted, I will post pics once completed. C had her followup with the neurologist and they are going to change her medicine for her SPD and see if that helps since the other one they believe is the reason behind the seizures. B had surgery yesterday getting his Tonsil and Adenoids removed along with allergy testing. It was a crazy week full of appointments but I felt like I got allot accomplished I would have loved to have gotten more sewing done but the sewing had to wait this week. I have been productive and getting website together for tomorrows grand reopening I wont have as many products as I wanted to post but this week will be a productive one not that many appointments and I know I will get more stuff completed. I have a couple reviews that will be posted today and tomorrow on some awesome patterns that I had the opportunity to review. I look forward to this weekend with the family and enjoying the weather.


Laura Lynn said...

I hope the kiddos are ok! They are so cute.
I'm following from FF.
Stop by and check out the blog

Laura@ Enjoying the simple things

AJ said...

:) wow, what a great post! You are an amazing mom to already have this scrapbooked! :)

Stopping by to say "YOU WIN!" You've won the Betty Crocker and safeway giveaway on my blog! Email me at ajcollins77 AT gmail DOT com. :)

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