Monday, March 1, 2010

Well I know that it is a late post, WOW Can you believe that February has already come and gone and March is already upon us. I think as a MOM time goes into Hyper drive because you never seem to know where the day goes, you wake up at 7 am and BAM its 10pm before you know it and the to do list you had just isnt close to being done. I think I need to invent a machine that stops time like the move CLICK if we all had our own little remote to Pause time O how I would get my list done.

One of the blogs that I follow Skip to my Lou has a MADE BY YOU MONDAYS post every week to show off something that was made that day, I am hoping making Mondays the day I can come up with something NEW and creative every week, it might make the creative juices flow and allow my week to start off great... Hmmm its just a thought, Mondays are never any fun because its normally the day that some of us return to work, some go back to school, some just start the week off as a Taxi driving, Schedule planning, Chef in the making, Organizer extraordinaire MOM. Its amazing how when Monday approaches the many hats that as Mom's we have to pull out of the closet but I'm determined that MONDAYS are going to be my most creative day.... Stop, Sit Down, Take a deep breathe and just let those creative juices flow.

This week on Made by you Monday I am showing off this cute little apron that I made Bug for Valentines Day she loved it, I wanted something that she could wear on Valentines Day but something she could also use after that, She loves to help bake as you can see by the photos so I figured why not make a cute little apron, and cute little Pony O's from Pickle Pie Designs Embroidery Exclusive for SWAK Embroidery


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