Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Found Love of Toys

I spend Nap Time normally taking a little mommy time which usually means I'm glued to the computer or in my studio sewing away. Today I ran across a website that caught my eye, Wooden Toddler Toys being the inquisitive mommy I am I jumped at a chance to browse around without any children pulling at my pant leg. WOW is all I have to say, we are always looking for a great HOT spot to find Imaginative toys and I now have found a new love of toys. There selection is amazing, before I could finish browsing I heard a little person scream my name so needless to say not only was mommy researching the new site but B was right there by my side. He has decided that the Easter Bunny is going to bring him the Glow in the Dark Space Train Station Set by KidKraft
I guess the Easter bunny has a bulldozer he rides around on because I'm not sure B will be getting this from the EB, but we will have to see. The set is amazing, B has the biggest imagination I know and the thought of getting this huge space station for his trains to go to outer space on made him the happiest little boy on earth. Kids will say the darnedest things and I spent the rest of the day hearing that B and his trains were going to take the space shuttle to the stars and see the aliens and eat lunch and talk about all there toys.

I am blown away that a picture of a toy that he had never seen sparked his imagination to think of things I didn't even know he had in his vocabulary, we talked about the stars and planets, to meteors and aliens. It warms my heart to think the little things in life are so special to him. I guess mommy and the EB are going to have to find a JOB to help finance his new wish list.

We were later joined by C who loves anything and everything GIRL, with her speech delay she can only say a handful of words but it warmed my heart to hear her get so excited over the kitchens, dress up and then she screamed MOMMA MOMMA when she saw the ultimate of ultimate bedroom sets. I think we are going to have to invest in the future on this toddler room. The toddler bed is fit for a queen in our case our fairy princess, it is pink with the crown and the pedestals so I could add a canopy to boot, the matching vanity, bookcase and nightstand pull the room together to make it any divas princess retreat. I look forward to seeing the new products that wooden toddler has to offer and know they will get my business, so click on over and check them out.


sweeter than cupcakes said...

I had not seen that adorable kitchen. It would make a great second birthday present for my little girl.

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