Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time Fun..... Link Up

Sew I have been away for sew long, Where did the past few months go I just blinked or was that a nap, I'm not sure but sure seems like I just wrote that post about the Indulgence and here it is JUNE !!!! What.... I guess my watch must be broken or I guess my little Time machine *You know that one all of us Crafters dream about* that little portal that stops time so we can catch a few ZZZZZ's and craft while everyone else is sleeping and then, we hit the special HOLD TIME BUTTON (GOSH!!!! Wouldn't that be wonderful) then as crafters,embroiders, sewers, knitters, you get the HINT could get to bed at say 3:00 in the morning and still get a full 8 hours of sleep between 3:00 and say 6:30 when our children awaken us for breakfast.... Because if no one told you yet SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!! I know I'm having a wonderful time with my children being home but Guilty that I couldn't finish just a few more projects for them before the school year ended....

AM I THE ONLY ONE????? Please tell me that Other crafty  mommies are having the same problem, I love summer because it means, water balloon fights, outdoor fun, Water Country with the kids, Busch Gardens as a family, and just all out enjoyment of each others company, but I also like to throw a sewing project *NEVER SMALL SCALE EITHER**** because my brain just doesn't know how to think that way so.... I have been searching the blogosphere for some fun KID Friendly Projects that we could do this summer, between the craziness I call life I like to throw in a curve ball or 2, so my goal is to slip in a trip or 2 a week to Water Country or Busch while also throwing in crafty projects (I want the kids to be able to enjoy their summer break) but I want it to be educational, last summer we focused on reading for B and this past school year he blew it out of the water so this year I think Science and Math are going to be our focus since those are his favorite areas, ART I think is his most favorite and since Physics and Statistics requires logically thinking we are going to incorporate them into our summer schedule So here's the Bauer Summer Plan..... Whats your favorite part of Summer? How do you spend it as a family? What fun Crafty Projects do you like to do? I hope you follow me and CSI Project and come on over to join the summer Linky Challenge.
I have a list of things I want to try and make with the kids

Homemade Granola
Side walk Chalk
Fence Fun Art
Outdoor obstacle Course
Cooking fun Cookbook (kid Friendly cooking)
And there are so many other crafty goodness things running through my brain so stay tuned.

Happy Crafting......


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