Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All I have to say is "INDULGENCE"

Sew WOW is it really March already I feel like I slept through February, Allot has changed around here, Not sure the ground hog was right because it has been feeling like spring here in Virginia.
Has anyone been to the grocery store lately and saw the new Cream Cheese. A little Secret I love so cream cheese and chocolate well I think I get that from my dad and grandad they love to get the midnight munchies and chocolate always does the trick So any who have you seen.

Sew being the frugal mommy I try to be hubby and I had a coupon he thought I was nuts but the choices and heck it was double coupon day so I had to Indulge myself and see what all the fuss was about. There are 3 favors well how is a woman to choose.

I love Dark Chocolate, but I was thinking of using some Nilla Wafers so turned to the White Chocolate but finally decided on the Milk Chocolate... All I have to say ladies its the best snack ever.

I mean look at the creamy goodness there is 110 calories per serving which is about 2 tablespoons which is allot of cream cheese there is only 7g of fat I'm in heaven it beats buying a Kit Kat bar or something not as good or healthy.

The dark chocolate on strawberries is just like chocolate dipped without the rude inches that hit your waist line. I have to say that no day is compete with out pairing it with a great cup of coffee so this is my new dirty little secret snack that wont hurt the bikini waist line.... (bwahahaha sorry I had to pick my self off the floor after laughing so hard out a bikini waist line like that would ever happen)

Sew whats your favorite afternoon snack that makes you feel guilty but really isn't all that bad? 


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