Sunday, January 1, 2012

~~WELCOME 2012~~

WOW!!! Another year already Where did the last 365 days go, just feels like yesterday I was blogging about ringing in the memories of 2011, I believe that MIRACLES do happen to those who believe in them, If I have learned anything in the past 31 years its that Life is a big lesson everything that you embark on whatever path you take at the end of the day its a learning experience and what you take from that journey will either make you stronger or not. I have learned that I'm stronger than I EVER thought a person could be, but through this journey of finding my strength I was surrounded by others that Had greater strength than I did to help lead me to the right direction. I hope that I continue to guide my children in the direction that leads them to great happiness and I know that they will continue to have BIG Hearts and continue to reach out to those less fortunate than them. MY CHALLENGE TO YOU IS TO PAY IT FORWARD to someone new this year, someone that might need a pick me up, a hug, a plate of food, maybe a new jacket, someone close in your life is calling out for help but to PROUD to truly ask for it. I know that GOD has surrounded me by angels on this earth and without you LADIES in my life I would have a really hard time getting through the day, you always know how to make me smile when I mad is heck, or when I'm down you have a way of lifting me up. You always seem to know what I need before I do and for that Friendship and Love and understanding I'm excited to see what 2012 has in store for me.

For my family, MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND, I hope he gets a chance to relax a  little enjoy his accomplishments, take a moment to enjoy those little things in life that take our breathe away, and to know how truly blessed I am to have him in my life. I love you hunny and I hope this is our Year to SHINE! To my PARENTS I hope this is a year of GREAT NEW BEGINNINGS, a year to accomplish your dreams, reach for the stars and know that your goal is within your reach, TO my DAD I hope you find peace and Joy in what roads lie ahead, I hope you have a moment to relax and reflect on life's journeys the stepping stones you paved for your children, and the foundations that you have set forth in each of our lives to make us the adults we are today, To my MOM I hope you are able to relax, enjoy the years memories, triumphs, and embrace those times that you aren't looking forward to because TIME will speed by and we know that together we can conquer the world. To my SISTER I know 2012 is going to be your year, A year of MEMORIES, great LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and I know that your blessings are just starting, I look forward to enjoying your life's new adventure with you. To my BABY BROTHER, I know this year is already going to be your year, you graduate from college what an amazing accomplishment, you begin to start your life and take the journey that God has paved for you. remember to embrace life's little moments, take the time to stop and smell a few roses, and enjoy all that life has to offer, because it is yours to make of it what you want.

So every year I challenge myself last year I had a long list of goals and I did complete some of them, but this year I have added to those goals so I look forward to Blogging through the year, I miss my readers, I miss being able to channel all of the strength, hope, love that you all give to me and my family on a daily basis, and I miss blogging about my creative thinking. I have so many new projects on the horizon and I'm working on a blog to get the year started off right. I look forward to your feedback, and the love that you all have given me the past 3 years.



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