Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WOW where did the time go.....

I was sitting her and realized I had about 5 minutes to catch everyone up on the last few weeks. I cant believe that its been a few weeks since I have had a chance to blog and talk with everyone. We have been so busy between C turning 3 which I have attached a few pictures from her party.


 Cant you believe that its been 3 years...  Well since her birthday we have also been dealing with this crazy sick bug that seemed to have plagued our house but we are all on the mend now Thank goodness for that.
  We also got to spend Thanksgiving with some wonderful friends and family which i have included so pictures.... We had a blast it was nice to be able to celebrate with each other and share with each other what we were thankful for. I feel so blessed to have some awesome friends and family in my life to help guide me in the direction.

I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life,Wwell there is a quick catch up on what has been going on here in good ole Virginia. I hope everyone else had a great holiday.



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