Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CSN Review

I was contacted by CSN Store to review one of there products. If you have not been to CSN then you don't know what your missing, they have it all, with over 200+ stores to choose from it made it very difficult to decide what it was that I wanted to try, but also needed. I researched for a few weeks before I finally decided on...... Drum Role Please......

The DeLonghi Espresso Machine

For everyone that has followed my blog, close, friends and family all know that I have a few small addictions, One is to the fabric store, but what sewer doesn't have that addiction. The other would have to be that I'm a dye hard Starbucks junkie, I live and breathe Starbucks but my checkbook never likes the tally at the end of the week, and neither does the hubby. I decided that I would venture and get something that might not only work for our household but save us a bit of cash also. I found out thru a good friend of our families that Starbucks sells thier syrups and sauces, they will also ground the espresso beans by the half pound or pound. So I ventured out bought my syrup $6.95 the Carmel sauce $4.95 and the half pound of espresso $6.00 Grand total $17.90.

On to the review, I wasn't sure if I was going to like my homemade Carmel Machiattos or not but I figured I had this wonderful machine to try out why not give it a try. The machine itself has a few features that I love, the first one is that the tank is cast iron and the cover has a locking mechanism on it so that if the pressure and steam are built up in the machine, it will not allow you to open the cover which is a great feature if you have kiddos around.

Some Cons that I have found with the machine are, that the only way that you can steam the milk is if you are brewing the espresso so I make a double batch each time just in case I need two glasses but it isn't as much of a pain in the bottom as I thought it would be. It takes me about 5 minutes from start to finish to make a Venti Carmel Machiatto in the morning, and I am saving myself $5.50 so I figured at 7 days a week at one drink a day, That is roughly $38.50 a week, and you can get about 3 weeks worth of coffees out of a half pound bag and 6 weeks worth out of full pound bag so over a 3 week period that would be $115.50 and I paid $17.90 for my supplies in the end I think that our investment was worth it. I have learned to make it just like my good ole Starbucks, so no more detours to the drive thru just a pit stop to the kitchen before heading out to our daily schedules.

I would highly recommend this machine to anyone, it is very easy to use if you have never used an espresso machine before, you can not only make lattes, cappuccinos, but I get my Carmel machiattos as well. Look forward to my new morning tradition. If you get a free moment stitch on over to CSN stores and check out what wonderful products they have to offer.


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